How You Can Become a SunBridge Pro Bono Counselor in Your Community!

Our goal is to match people in need with mental health professionals from their community. We are seeking volunteer therapists from a variety of disciplines to provide critical services for participants who would otherwise be unable to access treatment due to the lack of resources, including health insurance or adequate income.

As a SunBridge volunteer, you will have the opportunity to offer relief and hope to Oklahomans, and their loved ones. Other notable benefits include:

  • The free SunBridge resource referral line provides one-on-one customer service to help find the best referral option for each individual or family member in need. When individuals, couples, and families do not qualify for SunBridge, because they have insurance and are able to pay the co-pay, we refer them to our volunteer therapists.
  • Volunteers receive discounts on continuing education events, including our annual Zarrow Mental Health Symposium in Tulsa.

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